Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daiso or Korean dollar store

They just opened a Daiso store on my side of town. Kyle, Cindy and I went tonight after dinner and random shopping around the downtown area. First of all it's a 2 story dollar store. Upstairs is home goods/cleaning stuff and downstairs is toys, accessories, school supplies. I love walking into brand new stores. They are so bright and clean. I also love dollar stores. My mother can confirm this as she gets a traditional dollar store angel every year as a stocking stuffer. Dollar stores are special to me because they hold that perfect blend of crap and awesome. There is the potential to find something really cool or well made or just so bizarre that it's great, alongside a pile of trash. It's that potential that makes every trip exciting.

I bought a bag of stuff (most of which I didn't need but I have a compulsion to buy things when they cost a dollar) and just got home and was double happy. It felt like Christmas as I was taking stuff out of the bag. I foresee trouble however because I will end up with lots of junk, cute though it may be. I might eventually post of pictures of what I bought, but I will tell you it included an ornament, a bowl, stickers and a headband with a Santa hat that will make me festive this year and will make Layla festive next year.

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