Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend at Cindy's

Before I left for Korea, I made a date with Cindy to visit Daegu this weekend and see her. The main reason we picked this weekend was because our tattoo guy is getting ready to move home and we wanted to get touch ups done and this was a time he was available. Both of us are also trying to save money and didn't want to go anywhere.

I left Saturday morning and met her at a subway stop. She woke up super late because she went out the night before (a slightly running joke now) and then had to try and find me in a cab. We found where we were going and met up with Jeff. Cindy's touch up was relatively easy and only took about 5 minutes. He had to basically redo my entire one. It hurt a lot more this time around 1-because re-breaking scar tissue hurts more (according to him) and 2- he went into a deeper layer of skin so that hopefully it will stay this time. He did warn me that the ink might bleed (as in become blurry) a little, but the other option was to go at the same level and have it come out, so I told him to try it. Before he did mine, he showed us the bear head he did on himself the night before - it's huge. It goes over the bottom half of his thigh onto his kneecap. He is a very talented artist though. Cindy lied down on the couch while he did my tattoo and then we left to go back to her place.

She lives a ways out of the city so a 20 minute subway ride and then a 25 minute bus ride got us to her house. She has a pretty nice apartment though and lives across the street from her school. She took a nap and I watched some TV and played around on the computer and dropped my stuff off. Then we got ready and went downtown to meet her boyfriend, Torrin. When we met up with him, we also met up with another friend of theirs, who was supposed to watch his friend do a belly dancing demonstration. Only in Korea is there a random belly dancing show in the park in late November.
Look at the side at the girls in full winter jackets
After watching that for a bit, the 3 of us went to a place called When?! The waitress (Rose) knows Cindy now and speaks very good English. They also have some awesome bbq (oddly called Obama) that is covered with herbs. It was good. They also give you kimchi pancakes as one of the side dishes. After dinner we met up with Mitch at a bar and played a round of darts (I won!). Then Cindy and I went to watch the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn 2, in the theater. We didn't get out until close to midnight and neither of us were in a bar hopping mood, so we just went back to her place. Our cab driver was a reject from NASCAR or something because he drove like a crazy guy (but got us back in under 10,000). We relaxed and chatted for awhile then went to sleep.

We woke up this morning and chatted some more, then Cindy made us stir fry with chicken, ham and glass noodles. It was very good. Then we took showers and got dressed and I hopped on the bus back home. She had a potluck dinner later that afternoon and I didn't want to get stuck having to stand on the bus (which can happen). So it was a low-key weekend which was great. I love hanging out with Cindy and it felt like old times.

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