Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kids Essays Version I have no idea and am lazy so I'm not looking it up

Along the lines of the last post, here are the last (most likely unless I find another page somewhere) kid essays from Korea. I always kept a couple of them in reserve for when I didn't have a post. Again, I obviously didn't follow my own rules for the last few months or I would have posted them earlier. Anyway, here you go:

My best friend is Ju-won. He is very small. So he do well Limbo.

My class teacher talked “a friend in need is a friend indeed” to me.

When people go on a date they prefer romantic and high salary place like restaurant.

I traveled many places and then I go to many species of restaurant. I think 40% of I’ve ever been restaurants are sell meat. I think our family can’t live without meat.

Every Friday my family goes to the restaurant. I don’t know why it is Friday but I just try to think it is “Thanks giving Friday” (TGIF)

I’ll tear down the old building like build a bear.

Sometimes my younger brother makes me angry. He is a mischievous boy. I don’t like his mischief. 

My sister really makes me mad because she provokes a quarrel to me.

I make me angry because I quarrel to my sister and she counterattack with her strong fists.

At the end, it jumped to the groundhog

I wonder how lions play with their friends. I think lions may play tag.

If you are a teacher you have to be a smile as monkey (working on similes)

Answers on a test about chicken pox:    He is chicken bark            He is head on the plot
He legbark (he broke his leg)

We can send phone massages

I take care of the me.

I like to eat pizza and sphiggate

Many women like shopping because they like to buy expensive bags, boots and clothes.

We can do many things in a mall but it is still hell to me because it doesn’t have widows.

So I’m lining in here (I’m standing in line)

My father is my mother’s wife. My grandfather is dead.

I’m sitting at my desk when 3 students come in to ask me a question, one gets close and sniffs me, then they start speaking rapid fire Korean. She sniffs me again and I ask her, “Sojin, did you just smell me?” She replies, “You smell like Canada.” “I smell like Canada?” “Yes, you smell like my house in Canada.” “Is that a good thing?” “Yes” Then she smelled me again. Apparently Canada smells like a combination of Head & Shoulders and Britney Spears perfume.

You know I had a cold for forever. Once I got meds and my voice came back as I greeted the students in one class, I got this response, “Hey, your cat voice is back”.

I can clean like a mother.

Gen. Jang was a very strong man for ladies

In the game if the number of attacks per 3 people out of the rain will shift (explaining baseball)

Talking about friends:
He looks like an old man because his face is ugly
He looks like a pig because he eats every food but he is cool and kind
He is dandy
She is like a bear because she likes sleeping

First of all, It is more cute dog better than cat.

Describing Woods:
He looks like an angry bird who has huge eyes.
He is like a giraffe.
He has black like a hedgehog hair.

She is successful baller (ballet dancer)

I like doing tricks with knives because it’s stylish and cool

(talking about camping) I can’t wait to sleep with my friends

Therefore, man can make love too deep with own family. In addition, man is victim for family

Snow White and the 7 pygmies

What’s that? It’s a whore (hole)

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