Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jeju-do: Part 2: Friday night, or weiner park

After we left the casino, we tried to find somewhere to eat dinner. There was a restaurant right up the street from us inside a large wooden gate. The restaurant itself was in the back past the parking lot and another building. We went in there and tried to go inside, but when we walked in the door, the lady told us it was closed and we left. As we were walking out of the complex, we noticed some usual statutes all around the parking lot, and thus this picture:
Jeff and a 5 foot wooden penis, or, one of my favorite pictures ever
Mom and a glowing heart before we noticed all the man junk
This weiner has a smiley face
Jeju island is touted as a honeymoon retreat for Koreans. There are 2 or 3 sex museums around the island and a park with pervy sculptures, so apparently wooden weiners outside a restaurant isn't that far off base for the island. It sure made us laugh though.

After leaving weiner park, we walked up the street and went to Lotte hotel. The Iraqi prime minister was staying there and there were signs and banners up all over the place mentioning it. We walked around inside trying to find how to get to the back of the hotel for about 15 minutes. We finally found the outside and saw these windmills. There was a "lounge"/restaurant in one of the windmills and we ended up there.

Windmills at the Lotte hotel
The waitress made us go to the 3rd floor (top) of the windmill to sit. Mom was really tired and left. Jeff ordered seafood pasta and I got fondue because it was one of the cheapest things on the menu. She brought us some nuts and bread.
Bread and chocolate fondue

Jeff enjoying "seameats"
Then Jeff and I walked around the grounds for a little while. They had zodiac statues and a waterslide (which was closed). Then we went home and Jeff wandered around by himself for an hour. It was around 1-2 am by the time we fell asleep.

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