Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunday with my boys

Last week is still coming (although it's not that exciting), but I'll go ahead and tell you about Sunday first because I remember it better. I woke up and got some cleaning done. Then I met Dallas and Jayden for brunch at Stammetisch (one day I will find the correct spelling of that place). Dallas and I split our usual brunch plate and a mushroom salad, which was really good. While we were eating, we talked about the fact that we should have a membership or stamp card because we eat there almost every Sunday. I think one of the people must have heard us because, while he was paying, they asked if he wanted to set up a membership. I think he did, but I wasn't really paying attention.

After that, we took a cab up close to the zoo/lake area. We stopped off at the coffee shop there. Dallas and Jayden rode the skybike that I've mentioned before. Dallas wanted Jayden to ride it because he's sort of afraid of heights and roller-coasters and stuff. Jayden hated it. Then we ordered take-out coffees and walked up to the observation platform above the lake. We took some pictures, then walked down to the zoo.
There is a kakao talk emoticon with a cat pinching a dog's face and this was our remake of it.
Not sure what we're doing, but Jayden goes, "I look good" and he does, so I included this picture.
We spent a little over an hour at the zoo, checking out the animals. We had fun and Dallas fed the monkeys with food that other people had thrown at them earlier. One monkey was a snatcher.
A good picture of the dog and lion. I don't know if I've ever seen this lion awake and I've been to the zoo a handful of times.
This baby llama was pestering the mom. It finally settled down and used it's mom's butt as a pillow.
Dallas with his favorite animal - a camel. Still not sure why.
Baby monkey snuggling with mom.
Feeding the baby monkey.
He hopped the fence to pet the donkey. So he was the jackass. Luckily no staff people were around us, so nothing happened. Even luckier, I had wet wipes in my purse.

After the zoo, we walked to the pavilion on the other side of the lake (well not really, but a different place) and then walked down a wooden path to the bus stop. The buses were acting weird and wouldn't let anyone on, so we walked further down to another bus stop.
We hopped a bus downtown and split a huge fruit patbingsu at a place I used to eat at but can never remember the name. It begins with a C though.
Again, not sure why it's turned. But this was awesome. Some ice cream, shaved ice and lots of fruit. The kiwi was super sour though. And I'm never a fan of tomato on ice cream.
This place is super girly so I made them do this Korean pose. Nerds!
After that, we hopped a bus back to our area and went to the grocery store to get supplies for dinner. Jayden is a good cook and made a chicken stir-fry/soup sort of thing with lots of veggies. We also had grapes and plums and Dallas's landlady gave us baby watermelon. We took everything upstairs and ate on the roof. It was a perfect night - slightly cool and not too humid. Then we had a mini dance party.
My boys getting ready to eat!
Dinner - yum!
After dinner, we cleaned up, then walked down to the river. Jayden will have to go back before the 4th of July, but Dallas wanted him to experience one, so we brought some fireworks and sparklers and lit them. The sparklers were fun, but the fireworks were lame.
He's a fire starter. This was about as high as they went.
Dancing with sparklers!
My arms are too short to take good selfies!
After the walk, I went home and skyped with some of my family, who are all at the beach this week. It's been raining on them, but hopefully the rest of the week will be nice!

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