Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Fun

I'll try to do a post about last week (and this week) sometime soon, although not too much happened that's super interesting. I did see some old friends, so I'll attempt to write it, but I want to write about this weekend first because I have pictures for it!

On Friday, I didn't leave work until almost 11 because we were going over the summer schedule which starts next week. At the end of that, my co-worker brought out some left over cake from her boyfriend's birthday the night before and we sat and ate cake (with chopsticks). Later that night, Dallas and I watched "Rise of the Guardians" because I had never seen it. It was pretty cute. It took a little while to fall asleep, but eventually I did. I set my alarm for 9:15, because we were going to the beach in the morning and I wanted to get a decent head start.

We didn't end up leaving until about 10:30 though. We caught a bus and Dallas had made egg sandwiches for us for breakfast. We ate those, then some celery sticks with peanut butter. It was weird when he pulled out a butter knife from his bag, but then he took out the jar of peanut butter and it made sense. The ride took about an hour and then he hopped in a cab. I took him to Namildae - the beach Krista and I visited a couple of weeks ago. Dallas hadn't been there yet and while it's not the prettiest beach, it's close and easy to get to. It's a little pretty too.

Just like when I was with Krista, we rented an umbrella and tubes. I went to the beach in clothes this time, because I wanted to try and take some decent pictures with ummm cleavage support and not crazy hair. It was really hot when we got there though, so Dallas whined about it and we decided to go swimming first. This led to me sitting under a towel and changing on the beach because the bathroom was too far away. It was slightly awkward, but I was able to do it without anything popping out. We went in the water for a long time - around an hour or so. There were a lot more people this time too and they sectioned off the water, so we had less of an area to swim in. This time they had banana boat rides, but it was $15 a person for like a 15 minute ride, so we decided not to do it.
Dallas playing in our tubes
The people next to us were geniuses because they brought an air mattress. It took awhile to fill because he had a hand pump, but they brought that thing in the water and took naps on it.
We got out, dried off a little bit, then looked for lunch. I told him that there weren't many options. They did have fried chicken, but the thought of that made me slightly ill so we opted not to eat it. We settled on ramen and split a bowl of that plus some nuts. We also split a bottle of soju and it hit Dallas harder than me so he was a little tipsy. We ate an ice cream cone after and I told him to surprise me. He ended up picking out a random one, which turned out to be chestnut (including little chunks of chestnut). I'm not even sure how to describe the taste.
Lunch - soju shots, ramen and mixed nuts! That's how you do it.
Babambar = chestnut ice cream. Those smiley faces are liars.
We resunscreen and went back in the water. As soon as we got in, Krista and her friend Amy saw us and motioned us over to float with them. I forgot that they were going too. We also saw another guy from Jinju and his girlfriend. Small world. The 4 of us chatted and played for awhile and Dallas pulled all of us out to the buoys. We stayed for maybe 30-40 minutes, then decided to get out and go for a walk to the arch. It looked like people were walking there earlier and it was under water when Krista and I went last time, so I wanted to see it. Krista and Amy decided to stay in the water, so just Dallas and I went. We couldn't get all the way out there, but we got closer than last time. I guess the tide had started coming in because Krista said there were people in the hole earlier in the afternoon, so if we had gone just before or after lunch, we might have made it. Oh well, it gives us a reason to go back!
The sky was a bit cleared this day, so some pictures are better than when I went with Krista.
Some guy called this the elephant trunk.
View back to the beach from the rocks near the arch.
A Korean guy talked to us for like 10 minutes about the arch. Neither of us had any idea what he was saying. Then he asked if I would take his picture. So I did. Then he made Dallas and me go up too.
After the walk, we stopped at the little place we had lunch and ordered a patbingsu to split. This one had random fruit on it as usual and lots of red beans, but it was still pretty good. I'm getting very used to weird Korean desserts. While we were eating, the guy who saw us on the rocks, came over and sat with his friends, then pointed at us and talked about us. He showed them our picture too, so I guess he took one of us on his camera. Eh, Korea. After our snack, we got our stuff and called a cab. While we were waiting for it, Krista and Amy showed up again, so we split the cab back to the bus station. The bus was right there and we all hopped on and basically fell asleep - well everyone else did - I texted people and looked at pinterest. When we got back, I had to speed shower and change because I was hosting game night at church. I needed to clean myself up, go get snacks and be back to the church in less than 2 hours. I made it!
Shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, red beans, fruit
Game night turned out to be pretty fun (at least for me). We played a game of 30 seconds while people were still showing up. Every time a new person came, we added them to a team. So it turned out to be a team of 4 and a team of 5. Then, we played Beyond Balderdash, which is like the original except you add movies, people, dates etc. instead of just word definitions. It was really fun. I came in second. A new guy named Joe totally kicked butt - although I guessed the most "correct" answers. We then played partner 30 seconds. Joe and I were on a team and did really well - we got beat by 3 spaces by Ilani and Renier. They are both South African and dating, so I they should have won by more. It was still really fun though. I got home around 11ish and read for a bit, then passed out.
10 points if you can guess what this is advertising. Did you guess children's bookstore? If so, congrats!
On Sunday, I met Dallas for brunch as usual. Then we had coffee and went to the DVD rental place because tomorrow is his 6th graders last day with him and some classes get a party. Then I went to church and ran the power point slides because the girl who usually does it is studying in the Philippines for the next month. I think it went ok and nobody seemed to complain. Lori (one of the church members) made cute snacks today - they were fun-sized Snickers with 4 M&Ms stuck to the sides to look like wheels, and the top half of a teddy graham on top to look like he was driving the car. I forgot to take a picture before I ate mine, and then they were all gone. After that, a group of us went to a coffee shop and sat and talked for 2 hours. I got to hold baby Calvin and get my baby fix in for awhile.

After that, I went home and did dishes, then went to Dallas's house where he cooked some duck breast and we ate that, cucumbers and lettuce for dinner. Then we played rummy (I won!) and went on our Sunday night walk. We ended it a little early because tomorrow (and hopefully for the next 3-4 weeks while I'm on summer schedule) we're going to the gym in the mornings to do strength training exercises. I'm nervous about it, but we'll see how it goes. I'm hopefully about to play Catan with my brother too! So again, another good weekend in the ROK.

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