Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kids essays - Part 9 - Winter camp edition

The month of January is our winter camp. Just like in summer camp, the kids come everyday instead of 2 or 3 times a week. They still come in 2 shifts (morning or afternoon) and take 4 classes, get homework and have tests. The kids often do not like camp but I think they do benefit by having English everyday. They don't have to write daily essays during camp, in part because Caroline and I wouldn't have time to grade them. Instead, they do 1 a week (or are supposed to). Camp is nice for me because we get kids who are more interested in learning and are often a bit better behaved. It's hard though because I have 9 classes a day from 9-5:30 with an hour and a half break for lunch. Needles to say, I was just as happy to see the last day of camp as the kids were. Here are some of the gems from the camp essays:

Not in an essay, just a student commenting on my scarf – “you look like an alien”

I have many friends. Maybe because of my sociability.

I don’t like to get up early. These days it’s very cold and I’m so tired.

About being an elephant – It can water shower from its nose. I want to do that.

I want a mutual understand with dolphins.

I want to be a monkey because they can climb trees. Also I like bananas.

When I’m a rabbit I will be free without study, homework, school. But I’ll stay in a cage and miss my family so I don’t want to be a rabbit right now. Not studying is a bestest good thing. I’m very stressful for my many homework. (Not sure if my favorite part is the "when I'm a rabbit, not if I were a rabbit" or "so I don't want to be a rabbit right now" which seems to imply that maybe sometime in the future she'd be ok with it.

In an essay about Steve Jobs – He had drugs. He wanted to become perfect person. He was a vegetarian. So he didn’t take a shower. He looked like jungle man.

My mother and father produced me.

I want to be an actor or singer but my mom is disagree about my dream so I can’t be an actor or singer and I have new dream but I don’t know how to say this job.

Not a student but a waiter at a restaurant: “Do you have pancakes?” “Yes. But they are not available.”

While waiting with a student for her dad to pick her up: “Teacher you have a phone? Can you borrow me?”

“My dad’s office principal is my grandpa.”

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