Sunday, March 4, 2012


On Saturday, a guy from our church (who's English name is WOW) and another girl who's name I never remember but I think might be Suwon (?) were in a local theater version of Fame. I went with Jamie, Brandon and Heather to support them and also because it sounded interesting.

First we went to this random building near my house that had the theater in it. We waited a bit and then they started the show at 3. The first 45 minutes or so we were confused because everything was in Korean and didn't really seem like part of Fame. It looked more like a talent show. They had a guy sing a song, then a duet with a different guy and a girl, then a group song with some crazy dancers (check out the guy to the far right - he did that move the entire song) and finally a shuffle team came out and did some dances. Shuffling is the big dance hit in clubs here. I can't really do it. When the shuffle team came out is when we figured out that this was more of a preview to the play.

Then the emcee's (one of whom was Wow) had the audience play rock, paper, scissors to get some cheesy prizes. It was fun and totally bizarre. Then they had us watch a slide show that seemed like something you would show at a cast party. It was about 3 minutes long and showed rehearsal pictures and table reads etc. Then the play started. The play lasted about 30-45 minutes and oddly enough started out with "Seasons of Love" from Rent. The only song in English was the "Fame" song, but even that was kind of different. The play was a little hard to follow, but it was still decent local theater.

I'm glad we went and Wow seemed really happy that we came out to see him. Afterwards we went to a newish Italian place called "mare" for dinner. Jamie got a salad pizza and it was, in fact, a salad pizza.

Then we went back to their house and chatted for a bit. They had to get up early because Brandon had to give a special sermon at the Korean side of the church. Heather and I went downtown and met up with Ilani and Dallas to watch Safe House. It was good, but not really what I was expecting. Still, I had a good day.

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