Monday, March 12, 2012

Jinju Birthdays

This weekend we celebrated the birthdays of 3 girls in Jinju: Caroline (my co-worker), Lexi (who shares the same bday which was on Wednesday) and Jess (whose bday was on Saturday). Cindy came to town to pick up some of her stuff from my house and to say hello. I met up with her around 6 and we had a drink at 700 beer before the start of the planned festivities.

First, a large group met at a Chinese restaurant near GNU called Shanghai. I had never been before, but the food was really good. There were about 30ish people there and we ordered family style by small table. Our table ordered sweet and sour pork, dim sum, and some chicken dish with mushrooms. The waiters were a bit overwhelmed by all of us and ended bringing random dishes to random tables. Considering the occasionally had to step over people to serve stuff, I think the did a remarkable job.
Some of the people. The only down side was floor sittin'.

It also led to us getting to try about 3 or 4 dishes that weren't ours. Our food was really good. I also tried a chicken dish that was mega spicy and another chicken dish that had an uncanny similarity to apple pie - dessert chicken! I also ate 2 kumquats, which I had never tried before. You eat the skin too (which is sweet) and the inside (which is a bit sour). Now I will buy them.
Cindy holding a kumquat. It is also fun to say - kumquat (heehee!)
After dinner, the group went to Soundgarden and had a few drinks, plus we shared an ice cream cake for Jess and Caroline (Lexi didn't come to these 2 events as she was having a party somewhere else) complete with "Happy Birthday". I actually didn't eat any cake, but I heard it was good.
Me, Jess (center), Anna, Mandy and Eve. Not sure why Anna looks like Pop-eye
Semi-group picture
Jess and Caroline - bday girls!
Next we moved on to Lexi's 80s theme party at Beast Bar. Most people, but not everyone, from the earlier party showed up at some point. We sang 3 versions of Happy Birthday (one for each girl) and had a viewing of the infamous fire show, which only had 1 drop! Cindy and I left around 3 and she stayed at my house.
Jess stole Ally's "80s" hat
Lindi looks weird, which is why I didn't put this pic on facebook. 
We got up when Anna called at 10:30 asking if we wanted to do brunch. We ended up meeting her and Cody at Beans Farm for some pancakes. Fun celebrations with fun people!
** There will probably be a photo update at some point since various people have not yet posted pictures.

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