Monday, October 22, 2012


I've been home for a bit and mainly I haven't done too much. My mom and I have seen some movies, I've done a little shopping, visited the library and taken some good naps. My big project was supposed to be cleaning the basement, but we've run into timing issues (aka my mom didn't feel like it) so we haven't done too much with it other than vacuuming up bugs. Instead, I sorted all our old videos, 8mm films and slides and am having them turned into DVDs. We went to multiple places because some needed to be avi files for editing, while other didn't and some places had higher rates for one thing but lower for another. We should be getting the majority of the films back in the next day or so, so then I get to start the editing process - yippee.

I did go to the Atlanta food trucks with a friend of mine. It wasn't really what I expected, but the food was pretty good. If it was closer to our house, I'd probably go again to try out different stuff. Plus they have live music sometimes.
Combo soul food and Mexican = the blaxican. I didn't eat here, but I might in the future.
This past weekend my mom and I went to Callaway Gardens - a huge botanical garden with other stuff. I've lived here, on and off, for more than 15 years and somehow this was the first time I've ever gone there. We rented bikes and biked around the gardens - it was my kind of biking - no cars, not too many people (or hills). It was a perfect day, cool and sunny, and we had a good time. The trail goes around the whole park with various "stops" and we went to a birds of prey show, the butterfly house and the horticulture center.
Olive the barred owl flying between trainers
Gandolf the grey screech owl being adorable
Flowers outside of the butterfly house

Mom and a giant plant inside the butterfly house
They had a college mascot/football thing at the horticulture center and this was obviously the best one
Waterfall inside the horticulture center
One of the lakes we biked around

After Calaway, we went to this bizarre park thing, kind of in the middle of nowhere called "Wild Animal Safari". Friends of my mom went and said we had to go because it was a trip. I wasn't sure about it because I don't really like when animals are all penned up, but with the exception of the liger, most had the ability to roam free and seemed well nourished and cared for. We rented a crappy Toyota with bars on the front windows and drove through the park. The animals would come right up to the windows and reach for food. Some would run into the middle of the road to stop your car so that you would feed them. I drove and it did make me uncomfortable a couple of times because I didn't want to run over a cow or anything, but if you chucked a food nugget, they would turn away.
Our sweet ride
They got all up in your face
Ever wonder what a cow tongue looked like?
Sometimes bulls just walked in the road
This giraffe wanted some nuggets
I think they preferred the bus - less of a lean
I'm glad we decided to go to both of the parks and we had a great day.

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