Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Jinju is in the southern part of South Korea, so it doesn't snow here often. Lucky for me, I left warm, sunny GA/NC and ended up in freaking snow. It snowed on Wednesday night a tiny bit, but didn't stick. Then, Thursday night it snowed again...and stuck. Then snowed some more on Friday during the day. The forecast is calling for more this weekend as well.

Now I don't mind the snow in general. I think it looks beautiful and I would much prefer snow to sleet or freezing rain or wintery mix. The problems that I have with snow in Jinju are that 1 - bathroom windows are usually open. This includes my bathroom window. In my house. If I don't keep the window open, it never dries. So even when there is actual snow falling from the sky, my window is open. Which means the toilet seat is freezing. 2 - People here don't understand the snow. It's like when it snows in Atlanta. Smart people become stupid. One of my friends posted that his apartment manager was "clearing" the snow by spraying it away with a hose. The kind that squirts water. 3 - Unlike Southern drivers who go unnecessarily slow when it snows, Koreans, especially bus drivers, pretend that nothing is different. Meaning they run right through that red light, as usual, and skid to a halt at the bus stop. The also continue to do the "slow stop" where they don't actually stop the bus completely and just want you to hop on or off, even though the steps are super slippery due to all the snow and water.

That being said, the kids are all super excited because they got to build snowmen and have snow fights. There isn't enough for any type of sledding yet, but maybe there will be later. Also, all of these pictures were taken from friends' facebook pages - thanks for letting me steal guys!!
GNU campus
Olivia's first time in snow
Jinju castle covered in white
Beer bottle eyed snowman
Cup arm snowman...and mouse?
Now the question is, I wonder if we will have a white Christmas?

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