Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday Funday

So this is still from 2 weeks ago. I woke up lateish and got ready for church. Dallas skips singing, so he comes a little bit late if he decides to go. The message was really good and I felt it applied to me in a lot of ways. He talked about letting down walls and to love one another and that you don't have to let negative people in your life, but you also don't have to be bitter about stuff. After service, we left and went to meet my friend Nick for coffee. I hadn't seen him in awhile and decided that I didn't need to see him only when Liezle was in town. We had some coffee and chatted for awhile about random subjects. Nick lost his wallet, but then found his credit card on the floor board of his car.

After coffee, he wanted to take Dallas and me to a pizza place in Sacheon, which is a town just outside of Jinju. We didn't really have other plans, so we decided to go. We drove for probably 20 minutes to this random little place near his school. We sat outside in a garden of sorts. Nick also knows one of the waitresses, so we got free stuff. I like free stuff. We split all our food Korean style, which I like because you get to try out different things. We had a salad with balsamic and some bread, then we actually ordered a pesto pizza, a calzone (with ham, mushrooms and cheese) and carbonara pasta. Told you we ate a lot. Then we got free papbingsu (traditional Korean dessert of shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk and red beans). It was really good. I also like the bathrooms because they were cutesy.
Pesto pizza with radicchio. I liked this a lot.
Calzone - they brought each thing out after we had finished the previous thing. This was the last item and I was full!
Smorkig is bad for you!
Free desserts taste better - fact.
The box says TP holder. That made me laugh.
This was the restaurant - we sat at that long table and the garden is towards the right.
After dinner we decided to go to the river and walk (me) or workout (the boys) before we went to a movie. Nick dropped me off to change and drove over to Dallas's so he could get some clothes too. Nick just changed in the car, but borrowed Dallas's tank top. The boys used the pull-up bars to do back an shoulder exercises while I walked for 40ish minutes. I went much faster without talking to Dallas, but it wasn't as much fun. Then I held their legs as they did some finishing up things. It was funny because old people kept looking at us.

After the river, we were all sweaty, so we got some waters before we headed to the movie theater. We watched the Will Smith movie "After Earth". The premise was a little dumb, but the movie turned out to be much better than I thought it'd be. Plus we sat in a cool theater with reclining chairs and tables. Nick actually fell asleep for a little bit, but he had already seen the movie, so it didn't matter. We had gotten smoothies before hand and it was nice being able to set them down on the tables.
Big chairs and tables in the theater.
After the movie, Nick dropped us off at Dallas's because I had stuff at his house. Then I walked home. I can't remember if I skyped my sister, but I think I talked to her later in the week. So I probably just uploaded pictures and fell asleep. It was a nice weekend. One of those times when I like not having a plan and am open to random adventures.

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