Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kids essays - Part 12 - Songs and food

So I don't have much to update. My days recently have been busy at work preparing for finals and writing tests. This semesters seems to have a lot more tests and grading that usual. I'm also starting to develop a bit of senioritis and don't feel like doing any work, but I still like my classes. I have been doing well on my essays though, in part because I go to Dallas's after work and grade while he lesson plans, instead of coming home and screwing around on the computer.

Today was election day here in Korea, so it will end the annoying trucks with loud speakers announcing candidates, but it will also end things like this and this:
Candidate number 4's truck with his lantern self
Because it was election day, all the public schools (and some academies) had the day off. I didn't, so I was mad at all of my friends. I had lunch with Josh, Dallas and Anna at a chicken place and then we went for coffee. It was a nice day and I was sad to have to leave them while I went to work. It also made me miss Liezle some because she and I used to do stuff before school at least once a week and I miss having someone like that (well and her obviously).

Some of my kids are finishing this semester early because they are studying for their school mid-terms. One of my favorite students, Ian, knew I was leaving soon, so he wrote me a rap song. Here's the cover art for his album:

And here's my song:
Woman: Ryan Hackman
by E Anne (featuring D to the K) ** DK is another student in class who is good at beatboxing**

Beatbox solo by D to the K
My name is Ryan Hackman
I like to play some hangman
Everybody thinks I'm cute
You got a problem, dude?
Hugh Jackman is my man
He lives off by X-man
I'm from Georgia
I drank lots of vodka
With my black friends
Jamaicans hold ma hand
Nothing can stop me
I'm the wannabe
Now I'm in South Korea
Riding ma new Kia
I gotta eat to live
But I couldn't leave
So I got to work for W
So F*** you

Yea. He used to sing the first 4 lines at least once a class, if not multiple times. I will miss him. On another note, here are some older essays that I posted on facebook but never posted here.
Mosquito eye soup

Worm soup

Monkey brains. Also, arg cause it's sideways!

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