Sunday, November 20, 2011

Korean Thanksgiving

So to finish off the week, Thursday night bowling was about the same as last week, except Caroline didn't come and an Irish guy named James did instead. Garreth still fell and I broke 100 twice, so it was a slight improvement. On Friday, I went to prayer meeting and then Ilani made a South African dessert called, "milk tart", which we might have in the States, but is similar to flan. It was really good. Then we ended up talking for a few hours instead of doing game night.

On Saturday I did nothing, which was awesome. It was a semi-rainy day and I watched 3 movies and finished 2 books and started on a third. Jeff also called me because a bunch of family was together for the NC State/Clemson game. They called at midnight and were going to call back at another time, but forgot I guess. I listened to the first half of the UGA/Kentucky game then fell asleep during halftime.

Today I went to church and we had a short service because we joined the Korean church for their Thanksgiving. Basically it's sort of a pageant. Each group within the church performs a song or skit and IEC (that's the English section of the church) sang a song. They also give out raffle prizes and I won a gift certificate to a mall. I have said before that I need to being my camera everywhere because stuff always happens when I don't have it. This was a case in point. I didn't have my camera and they people were crazy. They dressed up in formal clothes or weird costumes and sang songs. One group was in choir robes and sang "I will follow him" from 'Sister Act' (they had the video playing behind them). After the service you could run to the run and get fruit or vegetables or toothpaste or sponges or a bunch of other random crap. I didn't go to get anything, but one of the elders went and brought back a box of stuff and I got some sandwich bags. They also handed out bags with tangerines and juice in them during the service because it lasted about 2 hours and people needed some snacks (I am in favor of this.)

After church we went out for soup for Jungwa's birthday and then had cake and coffee. We chatted and sang but she was sick so we went home early. So then I met up with Cindy and sat while she ate dinner and we talked about the weekend. It was a very low key weekend, but I had fun. The only bad part was that I found out that I am the oldest in the group from church. I thought Brandon and Jamie had me by a little bit, but nope. Oh well.

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