Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last Weekend - food oriented, yet not

I had a fairly busy weekend, at least compared to some of the last few weekends I've been here. I'm now in "winter" hours, which should last the month of January, so I'm done a little earlier. On Friday, I was able to go to Friday night prayer meeting for the first time since being back. I missed being a part of that service. I think those meetings played a huge role in my being able to communicate with God. After the meeting, I went back to Brandon and Jamie's and we talked about a lot of things, especially baptism and what it means to me.

On Saturday, I slept in. I actually slept for about 10 hours straight without waking up, so I guess I needed the sleep. The switch in schedules had more of an effect on me than I'd realized. I met Krista and Kyeong Hee around 5 and we went to dinner at the dak galbi place I love in my old neighborhood. The guy was really nice (as usual) and we added ramen into the dinner, which was new for me.

After chicken, we went to a cute coffee shop Kyeong Hee went to earlier in the week. It's called something like "artist cafe and coffee shop". It has a little garden patio on the side (which we obviously didn't sit in since it's still negative degrees outside) and inside has lots of plants, cacti and bric a brac. The lady who runs it is really nice and brought us a steak salad for free (I think she was bored and wanted to cook something). I'm not sure if it's a new cafe or not, because it's somewhat common to give free dishes at new places as an advertising thing. We stayed there for about 2 hours, then went home.
The three of us before we left. We had asked them to take a picture of us earlier and they totally cut Krista out. So they felt bad and took another before we left.
Some of the plants and random junk
Steak salad! It was good.
Kyeong Hee added this on her camera. We were teaching her idioms and Krista taught her "all that" earlier in the week.
On Sunday, I went to church, which was interesting because we had a guest minister who is the son of the main church's pastor and also was a student of Brandon and Jamie's when they were youth ministers. His style is different than Brandon's, but he gave a good message. After we went to Han's deli for lunch. It's a misnomer to me, because even though it's called a deli, it has no sandwiches or anything similar to an American deli. I had a rice dish with cheese and bacon and corn. It was pretty good, but I think I will be more adventurous next time I go there.

After church, I had about an hour to kill, so I went to a coffee shop and had a latte and did a crossword puzzle on my Nook. Then I met a group of people and we headed towards another cafe for book club. This is the first book club meeting I've been too in a long time. We're reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain. It's funny because I read an article that included an interview with the author shortly before this book was selected. I'm really enjoying the book so far. We met at a place called Table 9 and I really liked the place. The owners speak some English and have funny little Lego guys around. I will try and remember to take photos next time. I ate again there and had a chicken sandwich, salad and coffee. We talked for about 2 hours and it got very spirited. After I went to E-mart with 2 of the guys and got some yogurt and blueberries, which made me happy.

Then I went home, did some laundry and had Brain Pops on in the background because today's song was "Summer Nights" from Grease and it was awesome, in part because they sang "summer loving" instead of "summer lovin'" and were so proper about it.

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