Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Club - or how I am returning to being an old person

There is a recent crop of new people to the Jinju area. Around Jan/Feb and then again in March and usually again around September are big turn over times for schools. One of the new people is actually a couple. They took over for some friends of mine who went home but are now coming back to Seoul. Anyway, they both lived in Korea and were just moving to a new city/new job. She participated in a book club in her old area and wanted to see if there was any interest here. I obviously signed up because I am a nerd. Oddly enough, this is my first "real" book club. Her selection of the first book was basically because that's the one her old club was using. She chose "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". There is now a movie out based on this book.

Our first meeting was 3 weeks ago and we have met once more. We would have met again this past Sunday but so many people were on vacation/out of town that we decided to push it a week. I have enjoyed the meetings so far. It's different for me because none of my usual friends are in the group. Only one girl I actually know is there so far. I do like the conversation and listening to see how other people read the book though. This book isn't really my fav. It's not horrible, but I wouldn't recommend it; at least not at this point. maybe something awesome will happen and I will change this review. Let's hope!

The only thing I'm not liking about book club is our choice for next month's book. We decided to alternate between Fiction and Non-fiction every month. I am fine with that choice as my selection was actually a non-fiction book. Then we vote. The thing I don't really like is that votes of people who don'y come to book club, but are on the facebook link were counted. So we're supposed to real "23 things you didn't know about capitalism". I don't want to read this. I have no interest in the book and I really don't want to discuss/debate/argue about money or politics etc. But at the same time, I feel like a 5 year old saying "I'm taking my ball and going home" if I just skip this book. Then again, should I waste time/money on something I'm not that interested in? Then again, what if I learn something and/or it's actually interesting?

So, thoughts or suggestions on what I should do?

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