Thursday, May 9, 2013

I didn't forget

Don't worry people - I haven't forgotten about you. There just hasn't been anything of note in the last few days. Monday was a typical day - school, quick dinner with Dallas. Tuesday was Bible study, shopping at Emart and back to full time classes at school. Wednesday was a long day and I skipped dance class because I had a case of the Mondays (yes on Wednesday). Everything is fine, it was just one of those days where you don't feel like moving. Krista has shin splints, so she's not allowed to go dance for the next week or so, and because I knew she wasn't going, I didn't really have motivation to go. That night I went to Dallas's and we watched Smash. Thursday was fine - got breakfast sandwiches with Dallas then read a book and took a nap. So far today has been productive - I slept until close to my alarm (as opposed to the hour early I've been waking up recently), went to dance where the new dance isn't totally confusing, had a salad for lunch, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and timered my laundry for while I'm at work. So hopefully today at work goes well!

I should have some things to talk about over the weekend though! Hope you all have good ones :)

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