Friday, February 18, 2011


That's what my boss told me today - TGIF. He also told me he is happy with the homework I give and with my teaching so far, so yay. Today was a nice day and I totally forgot to go to the farmers market. I'm blaming it on still being sick, but really it's because I am lazy (well really it's because I was up to 4 am watching Dexter).

I must say a brief apology to Wells fargo - they cleared up some card issues pretty quickly via email and did answer my questions quickly. True, it was kind of a pain to have to deal with it at all, but some of the problems could actually be with the Korean card readers/banks and not with Wells Fargo. All I know is that I was able to use my card today to purchse items at Emart and to get some cash out at an ATM.

I made some dumplings (and by made I mean microwaved) for dinner tonight and they were pretty good. I'm guessing based on the picture on the front of the bag (and by what it tasted like) it was cabbage, chicken and scallions. I also finished my bottle of Coke light. They don't have real diet Coke here, but that's true of Europe too. I will drink my body weight (and probably then some) of the diet real thing as soon as I get off the plane. So far, other than talking to people, that's the only thing I missed.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to do laundry and some cleaning before I leave to meet Jeff in Daegu. I hope we have fun, but even if we just sit at a bar all weekend, it'll be nice to see LB. I got a guide book before I left, so I will have that with me, but based on the conversations we had the other night, it could be an interesting weekend:

Jeff: You still want to go to Daegu?
Me: Sure. My book says there are some short hiking trails to temples and stuff.
Jeff: You don't hike and I don't do temples. What now?
Me: They aren't like 3 mile long hikes, they're short. Like walks. I can walk.
Jeff: Barely.
Me: Fine, then we'll rent a wheelchair and you can push me around
Jeff: Sounds good.

Me: So are we going to try to stay on base?
Jeff: Roy. Make sure you bring your passport.
Me: I don't have a passport.
Jeff: Why?
Me: It's at the alien registration office for at least 2 weeks.
Jeff: That's dumb. Well bring two forms of ID.
Me: I have a license but that's it. Wait, I have an old law school ID.
Jeff: Everyone has 2 forms of ID, why don't you?
Me: I guess we'll try to get on base and if they don't let me, we'll find somewhere else to stay.
Jeff: Get another form of ID

So - I probably won't post a blog until I get back because I won't have my laptop with me. Things to look forward to: trying to navigate the taxi then bus system to go between Jinji and Daegu; meeting up with Jeff; finding a place to stay; eating; temples, hiking and/or wheelchairs. Wish us luck!

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