Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ice meat

As part of my job I grade essays every night. Each class gets different topics assigned by the school and I get a pile of them to grade at home. Some of these essays are hilarious to me - sometimes because of the content (kids are honest!) and sometimes because of the translation.

Last week, one class had to write about microwaves. I wish I had saved the essay this one boy wrote because it made me laugh several times. The funniest part to me was that he understood the concept of frozen, but didn't know the word. So he kept talking about how microwaves would melt ice meat.

I'll write some more posts later with other things that made me laugh, but for now, enjoys these:

My music group would be called “PYHU” or “Put Your Hands Up” because I like to say “Put your hands up”

I want to make flying shoes so I could go anywhere

I would make a food capsule and fat people have to eat it because it is preventive medicine then fat people aren’t obesity

Some of them overcome the influences, some suffer a rampage
In the country I think those people play with nature. So when they finish school they help their family like on a farm or a rice paddy or fruit tree. In the city the children don’t have free time so they are weak.

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