Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday with Jeff

So Jeff and I decided this weekend would be a good time for me to visit because he has Monday off (sort of) and because the exercises they were doing are over. There are no direct buses from Jinju to Pyeongtaek (the station near Jeff's house), and the last bus from Jinju to a connecting city left right when I got off work on Friday and then I would have been stuck somewhere and Jeff would have had to drive and blah. So I got up really early this morning, made it to the bus station and caught a 6am bus to Daejeon. This station was different than the station I'd previously been to, in that everything was in Korean - so I got on the bus and basically trusted the driver and another guy that it was the correct one. I had a backpack and a large suitcase because Jeff has a dryer and I don't and I have discovered that line drying leads to stiff clothes and I don't like crispy drawers. So I had about a months worth of laundry shoved into a big suitcase.
Then, when I got to Daejeon, I got off the bus in the middle of nowhere. The only reason I got off at all was because everyone else on the bus did too. I expected the train station to be right next to the bus station (as it is in other cities). I walked a few blocks and didn't see anything. I called Jeff, but he had never been there and didn't know where to go either. So I walked back to the bus station, and got in a cab. We had a brief discussion over "train station", then he asked which one. I said I don't know and he laughed at me. So I told him where I was going and he picked one for me. Luckily I found a train going to Pyeongtaek (actually going to Seoul, with stops on the way). I ended up with a standing room ticket and stood in the part between the cars (not the really scary part, just where the stairs are) for an hour.

Jeff met me at the top of the stairs and we went to Camp Humphreys where I got a vistor's pass. I'm not allowed to go to the commesary, but I can go to the minimart. They have DIET COKE so I was super excited. I also got some wheat thins. Then we went to Jeff's apartment - it is huge. It has a huge living room, a nice sized kitchen that opens into it, 1 really big master bedroom (which my apartment can fit into), 2 regular sized bedrooms, 2 full baths, an entryway, a small balcony and a laundry room. I am jealous - especially of the storage space. After starting a load of clothes, I ate some broccoli cheese soup that Jeff had made (it was good, but I later found out that it was made from 6 month old velveeta) and some lasagna (also good...also old). Then we went to Osan. It's an American air force base and there are lots of shops with cool jerseys, clothes, random stuff to buy, food etc. I bought a purse and we went to a backroom from another backroom. Jeff got a phone call when we were in back and the lady kept telling him to not make noise. And I finally found some postcards! I probably should have bought more than I did now that I think about it. Jeff bought some NC State shorts and then we just walked around for awhile. He kept talking about Chili's and how it's really the best American food anywhere near him so we decided to go there even though neither of us was very hungry.

We went to Osan's camp (I already had a vistor's pass for Camp Humphrey's, but I needed to get another for Osan). When we got back to Jeff's car, it had been blocked in. Sometimes there are 3 space parking spaces, so the middle person gets stuck. However, this lot shouldn't have been a 3 space lot. Luckily, with some very deft manuvering, Jeff was able to get out between 2 other cars (his car was in front of the minivan originally). After getting out of the pot, he went back and wrote a message on the van.
Backing the car out
Then we went to Chili's and had margaritas. Koreans at Chili's have a heavy hand and they were strong.
Chambord marg at Osan Chili's
We also had queso dip (and no Matt, we didn't take the skillet). While we were drinking, we noticed this picture next to Jeff - it looked like our dad (but older) and Scott Fix (but younger) at a chili eating contest or something of that nature. We laughed about it for about 5 minutes.
Dad (old), stranger and Fix (younger) at Viva Terlingua!
Then we came back to Camp Humphreys and went to another ministore and got drinking supplies and Jeff went to the commisary and got some meat. We went back to Jeff's and played some Wii, including Super Drinking Wii Sports Archery - it was awesome.
Start of Super Drinkin' Wii - wine in a coozie
The rules were, if you got less than 5, you had to take the number of points you missed off 5 (for example, you get 1 point, you take 4 drinks), 6 & 7 were nothing, 8 means the other person takes 1 drink, 9, 2 drinks. If you get a 10 you get to make a rule. Jeff was dominating for awhile - his rules were that if he got over a 7 I had to say, "How did he do that?" and if he got an 8 or 9, "Jeff kicks ass". If I got less than a 5, I had to say, "I smell like ass". I finally got a 10 and my rule was that I got to kick Jeff 1 time before each arrow shot - but he didn't know when I would strike. So then he tried to barracade himself behind the couch and was amazed at my athletic skills when I jumped on the couch and used it to kick him in the arm. So I ended up winning overall! he kicked my butt at frisbee golf and I rule at speed slicing. Then we had dinner (Jeff made steaks, hashbrowns and a frozen veggie mix) and watched a movie. That's where we are now. So far, a fun start to the weekend.


  1. Ha! That really does look like Dad! Sounds like it is a pain to get between the 2 places but I'm glad you made it. And keep it clean- this blog is read by a lot of people:)

  2. Yea, that was the clean version.

  3. Ryan, how many times did Jeff hit the two surrounding cars? Come on, don't tell me that he didn't hit either of them. It that pic, it looks like his car is stuck. I am loving it, thank you.

  4. He actually didn't hit either one - that was the amazing part. I had to fold in mirrors and then direct him from where I took the picture. There was about a 1-2 inch gap on either side of him. I wish we had an ariel shot of where we were actually originally parked though so you could see how crazy it was.